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We Want To Know That

Our Loved Ones Are At Peace

When we lose someone we love, we are left with many different emotions. We typically struggle through a grieving process that is painfully heart-wrenching. We want to know if our loved ones are at peace, if they knew we loved them, if they have any pain, and most importantly, where are they. This heartache and suffering can last for many years leading to despair. 

Sue was stumbling through life for the last 5 years and feeling quite lost. I’ll never forget when she made her first appointment with me, she actually said on the phone in the most uninterested tone, “I might as well try this. Why not, I have nothing to lose!” As our session began, I immediately felt her anguish. We spoke about her faith, heavy heart and distress. 

I received specific words and asked her, “Who is Carol?” Sue cautiously responded, “My mom is Carol.” She then broke down in tears and when I handed her a tissue I saw a magnificent vision.


A bright, white light took over the room and heaven opened up. There stood a beautiful woman full of life holding Jesus’s hand. I knew it was her mom. Sue then told me of her mother’s devotion and relationship with the Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus. 

" As I relayed this message to Sue, Jesus showed me

how her mother was gracefully met on the other side. The

astonishment, pure joy and eternal love Carol felt when she

finally met Jesus was awe-inspiring. 


A Bright Light 

Took Over

The Room &


Opened Up


There Stood A 

Beautiful Woman

Full Of Life

Holding Jesus's Hand

Then Jesus said to Sue, “ Your mother thanks you for taking such good care of her. Please do not remember her as she was when she physically left you. Carol returned home and is whole and beautiful once again. Her heart is for you to have a full life.”


As I relayed this message to Sue, Jesus showed me how her mother was gracefully met on the other side. The astonishment, pure joy and eternal love Carol felt when she finally met Jesus was awe-inspiring. I described to Sue the beautiful scene as it was unfolding. It was so profound and the love so great that it was impossible for my human body to contain the emotions and I also could no longer hold back the tears. 

Jesus continued to give another loving message to Sue; “Please remember the talk you both had before she crossed over. It’s time to let go of the guilt.” 


Needless to say, Sue was shaken to the core, but she explained to me what it all meant. Just prior to her mother’s passing she had told Sue that it was time to live her life the way in which she wanted to live, not anyone else’s. She told her things would change for the better and to accept what brought her happiness. The talk was heartfelt, but Sue still had guilt. 

Although Sue promised her mother she would not be alone, she was not present at her mother’s passing. Even though Sue wanted to honor her mother’s wishes, she was holding onto a self induced shame which was not what her mother or God would ever want. 

The communication brought the resolve, settling and comfort Sue needed. It showed how complete and abundant God’s love and desire is for our healing and happiness. The validation that our souls are eternal and that love and life do go on is exactly what was necessary for Sue to finally move forward with peace in her life’s journey. 

Working with Christine is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Life Changing.

sowing  seeds

pulling weeds



What Is Your Purpose In This Life

When we don't recognize our true purpose we often operate from a

place of emptiness, complacency, fear & overwhelm, and more often

than not, we get stuck.  God created you with intention & purpose. 

Personal Spiritual Enrichment is the key to strengthening your mindset

and discovering your purpose-filled life. Together, with Him, we will

reset your life-course & build your spiritual toolbox.  You will handle

life's obstacles in a mindful manner, with conviction, grace & purpose.


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