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my Journey

My connection with the heavenly realm began at a very young age. And while I didn’t quite understand my abilities to see, feel and sense Spirit, I knew I was loved and known.  But to say my family was a little unnerved by my uncanny ability to know things is an understatement.  

As I matured, so did my gift, although I tried hard to ignore it.  Then came my “wake up call” ... I received a serious medical diagnosis.  My faith was tested as I had to trust that inner voice, which I knew loved me and would never lead me in the wrong direction.  And so my journey began, as I finally accepted and developed my own gift. With the help of God, our unlimited source, I learned to transform the health of my body, mind and spirit. 


My survival is the testimony of my purpose; to bring awareness & understanding to the loving life-force energy within & around all of us. 

I am guided by the Divine and His angels and with the love and light they bring to my path, I now work for them.  

Through this blessing I am able to connect to the Spirit world, giving intuitive guidance, healing messages and spiritual understanding.  My mission is to help others become the most empowered versions of themselves through their own journey of inspiration and self-discovery.

"Being brave doesn't mean we have no fear

~ it means we refuse to be overcome by it.

steven furtick


When We Participate With An Open Heart & An Open Mind, The Healing That Can Occur When The Unexpected Messages Are Delivered

Is Truly Life Changing.


I communicate through the Divine and only with His loving light.  I hear from God directly through visions, words, emotions & symbols.  God will give you what you need, not what you want.  

  • Conversations filled with instruction (God’s will)

  • Revelations of the future

  • Gain clarity & build resilience to avoid overwhelm

  • God Wants A Relationship With You. I give you the tools to be able to work directly with Him.


Only God’s Love is guaranteed; Love is eternal, and because of that life does indeed go on.


Working with Christine is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Life Changing.

sowing  seeds

pulling weeds




“Christine, you are an angel on earth, a true gift from heaven!
My heart is filled with so much gratitude for your guidance & generosity. I would have never thought it was possible to achieve my goals. Truth be told, I felt I wasn’t worthy of having anything more than what life has handed me, much less striving for a dream. But you helped me believe in myself, showing me my worth.  Although this part of my journey hasn’t always been easy, I gained strength and faith.  I followed my heart, turning my dream into a reality.  “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength.”  And yes, I Simply Believe!

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