Only God Knows What You Need

You know someone may be lost when they show up at your dimly lit office wearing big sunglasses in the middle of a winter snow squall. Then add in the large-and-in-charge attitude,

Gucci bag and Prada shoes, and you know that Spirit might

have a lot of work to do. 

Kate is vivacious, charismatic and confident. But at the time

she was also stressed and discouraged. When I asked her

why she came to see me, her disheartened reply was,

“I need peace and calm in my life.” 

She was feeling stuck, overwhelmed and confused about many aspects of her life; her career, her marriage, her children and other relationships. Kate was in need of answers and “she wanted” them right away. But the good news for Kate was that God always knows what you need and He meets you wherever you are. 


After I gave her an overview of how I work, she told me she was intrigued, but that she really wasn’t convinced there is a Divine power. So I asked this woman whose emotions were heavy and all over the place to play along for the next hour. I’m not gonna lie, our first session together lasted quite some time. Kate was so impacted that she made three more appointments with me before she left my office that day. 

"Through regular sessions together, Kate grew in Divine

awareness & relationship. Discouragement turned to

 hopefulness & healing   ensued.

She discovered her divine purpose was to

advocate for others who do not have a platform to do so


Sometimes All 

We Need Is To

  Get  in

touch with our



To Bring

Clarity & Balance

To Our Lives.

Through regular sessions together, Kate grew in Divine awareness and relationship. Discouragement turned to hopefulness and healing ensued. She discovered her divine purpose was to advocate for others who do not have a platform to do so.


As it was, with Kate’s strengths she was already associated with and giving of her time in a few non-profit organizations. Sometimes what we need is to get in touch with our purpose to bring clarity and balance to our lives. She gained perspective and realized her unique blend of talents and skills are God’s beautiful gifts to serve others. 

We continue to meet and Kate is reminded that she is certainly not powerless in any situation. Kate is held accountable and continues to make meaningful progress which impacts her life on every level. In fact, she has become what I call “the pebble in the pond.”


Kate has produced a ripple effect, making a difference with others around her and then rippling out from them, and so forth. She can now appreciate her innate power to create change, cultivating consciousness and understanding to the people whose lives she touches. 
Through the divine gifts both Kate and I were given, God was able to reach Kate’s heart and it changed her forever! 

Working with Christine is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Life Changing.

sowing  seeds

pulling weeds



What Is Your Purpose In This Life

When we don't recognize our true purpose we often operate from a

place of emptiness, complacency, fear & overwhelm, and more often

than not, we get stuck.  God created you with intention & purpose. 

Personal Spiritual Enrichment is the key to strengthening your mindset

and discovering your purpose-filled life. Together, with Him, we will

reset your life-course & build your spiritual toolbox.  You will handle

life's obstacles in a mindful manner, with conviction, grace & purpose.


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